Mission, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

Mission in southern Hidalgo County is known for its history, beautiful scenery, and delicious cuisine. With over 86,000 residents, the city offers a cultural experience with Mexican and classic American dishes.

Events are held annually, and Mission became a popular city for people seeking a fun night, with bars, clubs, and restaurants serving up alcohol.

This article will explore the top bars and restaurants ranked by alcohol sales, the most awaited annual events, and popular nightlife areas in Mission.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Mission by Alcohol Sales (April 2024)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Mission, Texas that sold the most alcohol in April 2024. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
CHILI'S GRILL & BAR$36,516$470$25,622$62,608
BUFFALO WINGS & RINGS$15,573$116$26,226$41,915
SUERTE BAR & GRILL ON SHARY, LLC$25,967$0$13,390$39,357
THE LORETTO AT MISSION$20,439$13,692$1,897$36,028
LADA (52) BAR & GRILL$23,729$0$9,277$33,006
LA FOGATA$20,517$2,496$8,764$31,777
TABOO BAR & GRILL$17,355$4,733$9,467$31,555
WING DADDY'S SAUCE HOUSE$7,182$15$18,643$25,840
BUCHANAN'S BAR & GRILL$8,082$0$14,400$22,482
MUELLE 37$5,755$18$16,484$22,257
MISSION EVENT CENTER$11,429$6,548$3,402$21,379
CASA DEL TACO$9,903$394$10,184$20,481
SPARE TIME CONCESSIONS, LLC$1,653$0$17,788$19,441
QUINTA LAS 4 LUNAS$4,280$0$10,807$15,087
J A L L'S BAR AND GRILL$3,662$0$10,760$14,422
GROVE AT SHARYLAND$7,795$525$5,749$14,069
RANCH HOUSE BURGERS$4,500$500$9,000$14,000
VOLCAN MUSIC LLC$2,765$0$9,910$12,675
THE MIX$6,536$0$2,515$9,051
RIVERSIDE CLUB, LLC$2,166$194$4,831$7,191
PRIDE CLUB, LLC$1,529$0$4,522$6,051
TINSELTOWN MISSION #261$513$1,540$2,921$4,974
LA PLAYA SPORTS BAR$4,930$0$28$4,958

Yearly Events in Mission, Texas

Mission welcomes guests all year with a wide range of events and festivals and is renowned for its rich culture and history.

The Texas Citrus Fiesta showcases Mission’s thriving citrus industry through a parade, beauty pageants, live music, and food and drink vendors. Another must-attend event is Mission Market Days, which showcases regional craftspeople, exhibitors, and food trucks.

The Veterans Day Parade honors those who have served in the military forces, and the Butterfly Festival is a wonderful opportunity to learn about urban ecology.

During these events, visitors in Mission may anticipate becoming fully immersed in the culture and history of the city, with the added benefit of experiencing some of the greatest regional foods and beverages.

It’s no wonder that Mission sees high alcohol sales during these events, as visitors can truly experience the city’s traditions and hospitality.

People ordering food on the street

Popular Nightlife Areas in Mission, Texas

Despite being a small city, Mission has a wide range of possibilities for people looking to go out. Several areas of the city attract crowds looking for food, drink, and entertainment.

One popular spot is the entertainment complex at Palmview which has a movie theater, bowling alley, and bars and restaurants. The area around South Shary Road and East Griffin Parkway is another spot with restaurants and bars, some with outdoor patios and live music.

For a more laid-back atmosphere, the area around Bryan Road and East Griffin Parkway offers casual restaurants and bars, including a popular local brewery.

Overall, Mission offers a wide range of nightlife alternatives, with a number of eateries, pubs, and entertainment establishments dispersed all across the city. Mission has activities for everyone, whether you’re searching for a quiet evening or something more exciting.


Anyone will be interested in the cultural traditions that have developed in Mission. From authentic Mexican dishes to classic American, Mission is a food lover’s paradise.

A popular destination for a great night out, Mission’s flourishing nightlife scene provides a selection of bars and restaurants that dish up a choice of alcoholic beverages.

Mission hosts annual events that offer a chance to explore the city’s distinctive culture, traditions, and local food while taking in Mission’s natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

So whether you’re a resident or visitor, come and discover the vibrant city of Mission. With its top bars and restaurants, exciting annual events, and popular nightlife areas, there’s always something new to explore and discover in this exciting city.