Plano Alcohol Sales

Plano, Texas is a small city located right above Dallas in the northern region of Texas. It is home to many corporations and has a surprisingly active nightlife despite its size.

Popular bars and restaurants in Plano do very well with the spillover from Dallas as well as with the locals that go to work in the city and are looking for a place to relax or let loose. Plano is one of those hidden gems that is slowly becoming less hidden to the surrounding areas.

In this article, there will be a table below that shows bars and restaurants that have had the most success in Plano as well as some of the popular areas and annual events that people come from all over the state to enjoy the sights of Plano, Texas for.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Plano by Alcohol Sales (November 2022)

The table shown below displays the top 25 bars and restaurants in Plano based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Establishment Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
LEGACY HALL $610,078 $376,336 $98,281 $135,461
HAYWIRE $522,675 $334,538 $145,115 $43,022
TIGHT ENDS SPORTS BAR & GRILL $411,785 $194,333 $1,167 $216,285
DEL FRISCO’S DOUBLE EAGLE STEAK HOUSE $394,964 $149,722 $236,607 $8,635
UNION BEAR $260,267 $144,244 $28,835 $87,188
SIXTY VINES $245,064 $40,842 $198,766 $5,456
MOXIE’S GRILL AND BAR $242,576 $163,050 $23,537 $55,989
IHD CAPITAL LLC $224,765 $107,791 $12,483 $104,491
AUSTIN AVENUE PRIVATE CLUB $218,132 $120,904 $5,330 $91,898
WHISKEY CAKE BEVERAGE HOLDINGS, LLC $199,105 $145,978 $37,624 $15,503
KAI $198,112 $137,095 $52,128 $8,889
EARL’S KITCHEN AND BAR $196,966 $126,712 $54,727 $15,527
SHAKERTINS PLANO, LLC $190,922 $158,466 $1,660 $30,796
MEXICAN SUGAR $188,093 $164,645 $11,281 $12,167
THE CAPITAL GRILLE #8046 $187,840 $81,417 $102,414 $4,009
EDDIE V’S #8531 $187,456 $100,429 $84,363 $2,664
RENAISSANCE DALLAS AT PLANO LEGACY WEST $183,440 $119,889 $40,430 $23,121
NORTH $178,843 $87,076 $81,677 $10,090
BOOMERJACK’S GRILL #22 $176,506 $91,838 $3,553 $81,115
BOB’S STEAK & CHOP HOUSE $175,507 $67,281 $104,180 $4,046
MESERO – LEGACY WEST $163,924 $140,310 $15,322 $8,292
II BROTHERS GRILL CLUB $135,261 $79,654 $5,090 $50,517
SEASONS 52 $130,275 $49,836 $76,497 $3,942
SAMBUCA 360 $128,634 $100,259 $8,324 $20,051
SCRUFFY DUFFIES PRIVATE CLUB, INC. $127,546 $84,281 $1,192 $42,073



Night Out on 15thThis event takes place in either late February or early March and attracts fishermen of all kinds to experience fly fishing. What’s more, is that many micro-brews are available alongside this event and it’s not a stretch to think beer sales in the surrounding areas tend to rise with all the local microbreweries bringing many beer drinkers to one place. Texas Fly Fishing and Brew FestivalYearly EventsThis section of Plano is lined with all sorts of shops and restaurants up and down the streets and is a popular place where many people spend their whole weekends at. It is known for its diverse culture and you can find foods from just about any country right here. Legacy WestThere is some rooftop bars and fancy places for the hard-working folks that work at the many large companies nearby to come and enjoy a few drinks after a long week of work.Downtown Plano is the most populous spot for nightlife in this city. Otherwise known as the Arts District, there are many great music venues and bars around for those that tend to shy away from the crowded club scenes.DowntownDespite the hard-working culture of Plano, there is a bustling nightlife available in this city that gets a lot of people from the neighboring larger cities of Dallas and Fort Worth to come for a more relaxed, upper-class style of nightlife. Popular Nightlife Areas in Plano
Plano’s job market has increased by 3.3% over the last year and is expected to continue growing. So in terms of economic growth, Plano is a city that has proven to have continued success for most of its residents. Plano’s average household income ranks at an impressive $121,765 and as such, median rental costs are at $1,330 a month and the median house value is up to just above $291,000. There are a lot of rich business people in this city with plenty of money to spend. The population of Plano is staying pretty steady and is only growing at 0.08% annually. The total population is a little under 260,000 and is very diverse, including many Asian-Americans that account for nearly 20% of the entire city.
Plano ranks as the 9th largest city and, because of its small size its population density is rather large at around 4,000 people per square mile. This city only spans about 72 miles but there are certainly plenty of locals to see in this area. Plano in a Nutshell

This community dining experience takes place in June on 15th street in downtown Plano. A 300-foot-long table is set up down the street and chefs prepare all kinds of tastings paired with wine, beers, and spirits. Many Plano residents participate in this and is a great event for those looking for great food and quality drinks.


Plano is one of those cities that is mostly known as a place where people go to work but it has grown quite a bit like a place for nightlife and celebration over the years.

There is a lot of money in this town and, with its close proximity to other major cities like Dallas and Fort Worth, popular bars and restaurants in Plano have succeeded greatly since deciding to open up in this diverse and artistically gorgeous small Texas city.