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The TABS report has the most current information available. Our site is designed to receive sales data from the State Comptroller using an Application Programming Interface (API). No other provider of this data can publish it faster than the TABS report. You are seeing the information live and not updated monthly like other providers.

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Search for Establishment NameStreet Name, and one of City or Zip Code. For example, search only the Establishment Name to find a specific Establishment. Or enter the Street Name and City to find all Establishments on a particular street in a given city. Report columns toggle from high to low sales figures. For example, search zip code or zip code radius by miles and create a report then toggle liquor, beer or wine at the top of the list and see what establish has the highest sales of that type in that zip code.

Create and combine reports into Excel spread sheets for an unlimited ways to manipulate data.

When you log-in to your account area, you can create a watch list of specific establishments and generate a dynamic bar graph.


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