Welcome to the story of TABSreport.com, a pioneering venture born out of the vision of a passionate and inspired young bar owner. In 1983, with the launch of his first establishment in Dallas, Texas, he embarked on a journey to redefine the bar experience for his patrons.

Seeking excellence, this visionary entrepreneur turned to his successful competitors for inspiration. His method? Immerse himself in the industry, conducting thorough research by frequenting bars and keenly observing their operations. To discern success, he turned to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), which disclosed valuable information on establishments’ sales taxes. Armed with this data, he performed swift mathematical conversions to unveil monthly sales figures.

Driven by the desire to share this knowledge, the young entrepreneur crafted custom reports for fellow bar owners, giving birth to the TABS report (Tracking Alcoholic Beverage Sales). As the year 2000 dawned, the TABS report made its online debut, allowing individuals to subscribe and access invaluable sales insights. The business flourished, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

Today, TABSreport.com and Alcoholsales.com stand as synonymous platforms, collectively boasting an engaged audience of several thousand members. Evolving beyond its origins, the site offers a plethora of additional services and features, all geared towards empowering businesses in the hospitality industry.

At its core, TABSreport.com is the brainchild of a genuine entrepreneur dedicated to elevating the hospitality industry. Let the TABS report be your guide, providing resources that truly make a difference in helping your business thrive.