The tabs report began in 1996 around the time that Al Gore claims he invented the internet. Created by an inspired young bar owner who started with his first establishment in 1983 in Dallas Texas.

This young bar owner wanted to provide his patrons with the best possible experience when visiting his establishment. How could he obtain this knowledge? He visited and observed his competitors, his successful competitors.

This came with research, sitting at bars and observing successful operations. How did he know which were the successful operations. The Texas alcoholic beverage commission, TABC for short, published the taxes paid on the sales of these establishments and that information was available at the local TABC office. With a quick mathematical conversion of the taxes paid, he produced the sales figures on a monthly basis.

Then this young entrepreneur began producing a custom report for other interested bar owners and that is how the TABS report (Tracking Alcoholic Beverage Sales) started.

In 2000 the TABS report was published on line and individuals could subscribe to receive the sales information. The business grew and all was good.

Today the TABSreport.com or Alcoholsales.com, one in the same, maintain an audience of a few thousand members and provides additional services on the site with many features .

Started and developed by a true entrepreneur of the hospitality industry. Let the TABS report help you grow your business with the Resources that make a difference.