Houston, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

Like many other big cities in Texas, Houston has a bustling and lively nightlife scene that anyone can enjoy.

Beer sales in Houston are a lot of what keeps the bar and restaurant industry thriving and, just taking a quick look around on a Friday night, you can see why people love to go out for a night on the town here.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Houston by Alcohol Sales (September 2023)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Houston, Texas that sold the most alcohol in September 2023. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
ARAMARK SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES OF TEXAS$2,903,007$351,695$2,640,117$5,894,819
ARAMARK SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT SER OF TEXAS INC$1,295,486$152,567$773,644$2,221,697
LEVY RESTAURANTS AT TOYOTA CENTER$1,297,687$46,671$539,681$1,884,039
MARRIOTT MARQUIS HOUSTON$945,939$219,197$382,990$1,548,126
THE POST OAK/MASTRO'S/WILLIE G'S$355,695$646,969$492,580$1,495,244
KAMP HOUSTON$667,097$20,024$4,801$691,922
THE ADDRESS$671,907$975$6,315$679,197
KIRBY ICE HOUSE$372,178$34,993$267,563$674,734
CONEJO MALO$588,908$0$69,680$658,588
KIRBY ICE HOUSE$335,919$22,082$271,657$629,658
STEAK 48$301,668$275,963$8,300$585,931
CLE GROUP SOCIAL, LLC$444,773$33,751$44,921$523,445
ESCAPADE 2001 HOUSTON$237,787$91$277,822$515,700
LITTLE WOODROW'S$286,564$5,152$202,067$493,783
PROSPECT PARK$453,568$7,755$11,639$472,962
MOONSHINE DECK$324,693$12,578$134,550$471,821
IRON COWBOY LOUNGE & EATERY$260,011$2,175$208,452$470,638
BEST REGARDS$420,047$32,287$6,250$458,584
UNIVERSITY FOOD SERVICES (TDECU STADIUM)$110,377$2,205$338,411$450,993
POST SECURITY AREAS OF TERMINAL C NORTH$209,585$65,160$167,645$442,390
CLUTCH BAR & RESTAURANT$373,926$35,683$32,159$441,768
HOUSE OF BLUES$286,043$11,185$142,384$439,612
JOEY UPTOWN$366,002$54,341$12,387$432,730
OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA$146,604$240$284,761$431,605

Houston have seen a steady increase in both population and jobs in recent years and is very affordable in terms of real estate with the median price of a 3 bedroom home at $175,000 in 2019. Houston is located right next to the Gulf Coast and is the most populous city in all of Texas. It has 3 airports and gets all kinds of tourism from people coming in from all around the world.

Yearly Events in Houston, Texas

There are all kinds of yearly events that take place in Houston but let’s just go through a few so you can get a taste as to what you might be in store for when heading down to the city. The famous Texas Outlaw Challenge takes place in downtown Houston in mid-June and features time trials, a car show, and a charity poker event. This is a multiple-day event and all kinds of people show up to support it.

Also, the Fiestas Patrias takes place Downtown in mid-September. It is among the biggest and most brightly colored community-sponsored parades the city has.

Celebrating Mexico’s independence from Spain, dancers spin their ways through the street and enjoy this great celebration of Mexican culture. The event ends with the crowning of a beautiful Miss Fiestas Patrias every year.

Houston Texas drone view highways and interchanges above intersections

Popular Nightlife Areas in Pharr, Texas

People from all around head to Midtown to visit Howl at the Moon for lively piano shows or some quality and friendly-priced wine at 13 Celsius. If you are looking for more of a date night spot, La Carafe is a very romantic spot with a great history. However if you’re looking for some more energy, head to Green Street for some all-night fun and music at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar or the House of Blues.

You can spin around on cowhide stools at the Line & Lariat or raise some money for charity while buying your drinks at Houston’s own OKRA Charity Saloon. Arguably the most booming part of Houston is its central business, where the Friday night after-work happy hours roll all through the night in Midtown and Downtown. Some classic places many long-time residents will tell you about like Max’s Wine Dive and Canyon Creek are always popular places but of course, there are some newcomers such as Liberty Station that are making a name for themselves quickly.

Soma Sushi is a popular place to grab dinner and a few pre-game drinks before heading to the nightclubs, always bumping music late into the night at spots like Roosevelt or Ei8ht. There isn’t too much in terms of parking so many people choose to take the shuttle to get around. Not to mention, no one wants to get in trouble with the police that will always be on the lookout for drunk drivers around these parts. This all but a little portion of Houston has everything from laid-back lounges, to old-country bars and brightly lit dance clubs.

Washington Avenue Houston has no shortage of places to hang out and have a great night on the town within its city limits. They have it all, from bustling bar towns to quiet spots for those looking for a more intimate experience in the city as well.

One of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in Texas is Montrose. Drag queens and club kings pepper the streets at night and put on quite the spectacle whenever it is time to party. Even if you aren’t in the LGBTQ community, there are plenty of places to enjoy the nightlife in this wonderful part of Houston like Anvil Bar & Refuge where they use homemade liquor and fresh ingredients to make their drinks. If you’re into a more alternative scene, spots like Poison Girl feature pinball machines, poetry readings, and cheap drinks. For those looking for a more laid-back or gay-friendly place in Houston, Montrose is the perfect place to plan a night in.


No matter which way you look at it, popular bars and restaurants fuel the grandiose nightlife in Houston and make it a banner place to enjoy a night of drinking, dancing, and great times you may or may not remember.

The city itself has been growing a lot over the years and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. If you plan on going out for a night in this city, have fun and best of luck!