The smaller city of Corpus Christi is tucked neatly on the southeastern coast of Texas. With plenty of beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, this city is a hot tourist attraction for Midwesterners in the days of the summer.

Liquor sales in this city have fueled the growth of many bars and restaurants not only during the hotter months but year-round as the local population has grown over recent years.

If you continue reading on, you will come across a table that will display the top bars and restaurants in Corpus Christi as well as some of the more popular nightlife sections of the city and annual events celebrated only in Corpus Christi.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Corpus Christi by Alcohol Sales (January 2023)

The table shown below has the top 25 bars and restaurants in Corpus Christi based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
TWIN PEAKS $225,440 $75,599 $1,722 $146,834
SC BEVERAGE COMPANY $218,707 $119,686 $61,079 $31,050
OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA $156,293 $64,267 $66 $91,960
THE HOUSTON CHEESECAKE FACTORY CORPORATION $140,320 $102,612 $15,811 $21,897
BREWSTER STREET ICEHOUSE – SOUTH SIDE $131,746 $60,020 $1,750 $69,976
WATER STREET OYSTER BAR $119,754 $62,748 $22,365 $34,641
BUBBA’S 33 $119,641 $47,918 $1,148 $70,575
THE PALACE $116,281 $91,341 $1,463 $23,477
EXECUTIVE SURF CLUB $112,706 $48,541 $1,448 $62,717
TEXAS ROADHOUSE $98,624 $54,422 $2,133 $42,069
BREWSTER STREET ICE HOUSE $95,367 $46,249 $612 $48,506
BOWLERO CORPUS CHRISTI $95,127 $53,405 $219 $41,503
THE RANCH $94,032 $51,309 $160 $42,563
MURDY’S SOCIALS $91,843 $60,991 $70 $30,782
THE SOCIAL $91,356 $60,556 $80 $30,720
WINGS N MORE RESTAURANT $86,638 $45,311 $176 $41,151
MOLLY MCARDLE’S $86,418 $48,721 $0 $37,697
BIG SAM’S GRILL & BAR $84,694 $29,333 $209 $55,152
KATZ 21 STEAKS & SPIRITS $80,766 $49,790 $23,842 $7,134
THE GOLD FISH BAR $77,858 $60,530 $1,796 $15,532
FLOCK $76,014 $51,221 $1,607 $23,186
SING KARAOKE BAR AND LOUNGE $75,966 $49,692 $0 $26,274
NIKO’S STEAKHOUSE $75,137 $49,687 $13,491 $11,959
PRIME STEAKHOUSE & WHISKEY BAR $70,198 $45,599 $18,413 $6,186
SUNSET RODEO $69,414 $34,826 $0 $34,588



The best cowboys in the world come to fight for the top prize in this mid-April rodeo that is held at the American Bank Center every year. You’ll see no shortage of ten-gallon hats in this yearly event that many Texans love to enjoy after a few brews.Corpus Christi RodeoA gathering of many bird lovers in late February brings a calmer, older crowd to Corpus Christi to watch the Whooping Cranes migrate to the waters of Port Aransas. There are plenty of wine sales in this event for those that have a more relaxed bar environment for the bird watchers that come from all over to witness this event exclusive to Corpus Christi.Whooping Crane FestivalYearly Events in Corpus ChristiPopular bars and restaurants in Padre Island have a mostly beachy theme as they are right on the shore. However, it is right next to a few campgrounds as well so you will see some backpackers in town after a camping trip. Also, despite it being an island, it is possible to take a bridge over the water to drive into town.Padre IslandBayfront in Corpus Christi is where you will find most of the action on summer nights near the coast. Peppered with hotels all up and down the streets you will find some amazing seafood spots and great views looking out into the vast Gulf of Mexico.Bayfront/DowntownDespite the older crowd you normally see in this city, it comes to life in a big way at night. Particularly during the summer months, people from all over Texas come to the shore to experience what the Gulf beaches have to offer.Popular Nightlife Areas in Corpus ChristiThe average household income in this coastal Texas city is around $75,000 and is a somewhat older city with the median age coming in at about 35 years old. It is a town that consists of a lot of retirees and beachgoers living a relatively simple lifestyle. This city’s median rental has been reported at around $996 per month, with the median house value at $133,200. Job growth in Corpus Christi has not increased by much recently but is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. The population of Corpus Christi is just barely declining at -0.18% annually but it is expected to see more of a population boom with more gas and oil drillers moving towards this city. The total population of Corpus Christi comes in at around 325,000 people. Corpus Christi is the 8th largest city in Texas despite its relatively small size of 489 miles. This city’s population density is around 2,000 people per square mile, so in terms of larger cities, it is relatively spacious. Corpus Christi in a Nutshell


Corpus Christi is one of the most popular beach towns in the midwest and people from all around flock to this coast in the summertime to get a piece of the nightlife.

The locals mostly consist of older folks that have retired to the shore to find an easy life for themselves but of course, there is plenty of liquor sales to be had in this demographic, as these Texas retirees still love to go out and enjoy a few drinks.

However, if you are looking for a perfect summertime bar spot Corpus Christi is a city that is expected to grow quickly and has a strong tourist crowd as well as a solid local base that can keep you going all year round.