Laredo Alcohol Sales

Located along the Rio Grande and right next to the border between the U.S. and Mexico, the small city of Laredo rests in the deep south of Texas.

Liquor sales in Laredo have been steady in this city and despite its small size it has a busy nightlife scene. It is a great place to stop for food or drinks for those passing through to travel to Mexico as well as the surprisingly large number of local residents.

If you read below, you will see a table that displays the top bars and restaurants in Laredo in terms of financial success as well as a couple popular areas in the city and annual events that are exclusive to Laredo, Texas.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Laredo by Alcohol Sales (Updated February 2021)

This table shown right below displays the top 25 most successful bars and restaurants in Laredo based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Establishment Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
TKO SPORTS CAFE $106,255 $66,442 $298 $39,515
XOTICAS LAREDO, L.P. $81,735 $54,166 $207 $27,362
COSMOS BAR & GRILL $81,226 $59,918 $2,836 $18,472
APPLEBEE’S NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL & BAR $73,514 $41,035 $508 $31,971
MARISCOS LA LAGUNA $69,833 $23,811 $0 $46,022
WING DADDY’S SAUCE HOUSE $66,197 $27,122 $42 $39,033
PLA-MOR ENTERTANMENT $65,703 $40,968 $116 $24,619
BORDER FOUNDRY RESTAURANT & BAR $60,637 $39,195 $13,165 $8,277
ROCHA’S BAR & GRILL $57,221 $41,394 $5,154 $10,673
BUFFALO WILD WINGS $53,167 $16,128 $225 $36,814
CULTURE $49,047 $36,737 $4,688 $7,622
PALENQUE GRILL $47,867 $29,880 $1,905 $16,082
REPUBLICA CANTINA DE MEXICO $47,019 $30,991 $1,988 $14,040
APPLEBEE’S NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL & BAR $45,648 $26,037 $166 $19,445
HOOTERS $42,902 $10,614 $20 $32,268
THE LAREDO COUNTRY CLUB, INC $36,236 $15,878 $13,502 $6,856
TEXAS ROADHOUSE $36,201 $16,355 $454 $19,392
BOKA EDIBLES, LLC $35,312 $22,932 $1,943 $10,437
TACOS KISSI, L.L.C. $30,304 $0 $0 $30,304
PALENQUE GRILL $29,212 $18,045 $2,413 $8,754
MAIN EVENT ENTERTAINMENT – LAREDO $29,176 $11,768 $196 $17,212
LA CARRETA CARNES ASADAS #2 $27,578 $12,549 $420 $14,609
CASA BLANCA GOLF COURSE $24,824 $9,888 $0 $14,936
NIDO $23,724 $15,614 $20 $8,090

Laredo in a Nutshell

Laredo is the 10th largest city in Texas but still ranks right outside the top 80 largest cities in the United States. It is only around 107 miles large and has a population density of about 2,500 people per square mile.

In terms of the real estate in Laredo, the median rental costs are a particularly low $826 per month, with the median house value at right around $123,000. Currently, it is a buyers market in the city and many people are taking advantage of the cheaply priced homes available.

Laredo’s population is growing at 0.58% annually and the total population comes up to just above 264,000 people. It is a fairly young city as well with the median age of residents being a little under 29 years old.

The average household income for Laredo is $60,911, which is on the lower side, but with lower rent costs things are fairly manageable financially for the locals in this city.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Laredo

Laredo may be a small, lesser known city in Texas but it is a bit of a hidden gem in terms of nightlife. Cheap drinks and plenty of places to eat fill the streets of Laredo and light up the night for travellers and native Laredo residents alike.


Downtown Laredo is the place to be for the biggest crowds during the weekend nights. It is known for its pub crawls and party spots with plenty of live music and drinks to be had for anyone passing through. It is the center of the city’s business district as well as its nightlife.

Del Mar Boulevard

One of the main roads that runs through Laredo, many bars and restaurants set up shop along this street. People that are looking to beat the crowds of downtown tend to come to this spot in Laredo that has a couple dance clubs and classic chain bars to enjoy their nights out.

Yearly Events

Laredo International Fair and Exposition

This fair has just about everything you could think of from fine arts shows, to pig races, to motorcycle rallies, and even a hot dog eating competition. This early March festival lasts for five days and includes fun things for the whole family. Needless to say, food and drink places around the area see a big bump in liquor sales during this time.

Laredo Sister Cities Festival

Loredo’s three-day long festival is held in the Laredo Energy Arena sometime around late July. It features all kinds of exhibitors from Mexico and is a celebration of the surrounding areas, including the ones south of the border. It is a free event and is very popular among the local population that has been expanding more every year.


Laredo does not have much in terms of size and population but it makes up for it with a solid nightlife with many people that fuel liquor sales in this city. This city is slowly but surely becoming less of a stop for international travellers and more of a destination for explorers of Texas.

Popular bars and restaurants in Laredo have seen success and there is plenty of room in this city to set up shop and make a name for your business. As the city continues to grow, more and more people will want to find places to experience the busy nightlife.

It is a long trip to the southern part of Texas but it is well worthwhile to stake your claim in Laredo.