Longview, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

The eastern Texas city Longview which has a population of approximately 81,000, has been gradually growing over the past few decades.

Known for its vibrant dining and events scene, Longview is a hub for foodies and culture enthusiasts alike. Alcohol sales in Longview have drawn attention recently as local companies and government officials try to understand and profit from this sector of the city’s economy.

In this article, we will explore Longview’s top bars and restaurants based on alcohol sales, exciting annual events, and nightlife areas where people tend to party.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Longview by Alcohol Sales (March 2023)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Longview, Texas that sold the most alcohol in March 2023. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
BUBBA'S 33$88,786$3,336$77,999$170,121
ELECTRIC COWBOY/LONE STAR ICE HOUSE$90,800$97$32,121$123,018
TEXAS ROADHOUSE$65,366$4,094$36,885$106,345
EL HAT DE AMERICANO #1, LLC$86,794$478$17,465$104,737
T. BLANCO'S$69,255$2,016$18,592$89,863
BJ'S RESTAURANT & BREWERY$45,193$8,533$35,603$89,329
JUDD'S DOWNTOWN$56,122$9,427$17,763$83,312
ON THE BORDER$43,154$573$16,095$59,822
APPLEBEE'S #8019 (LONGVIEW)$36,048$666$11,139$47,853
TEXAS PLAYER'S BAR$32,101$465$13,957$46,523
OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE$23,917$6,090$12,287$42,294
CHEDDAR'S CASUAL CAFE$33,663$1,489$6,616$41,768
PAPACITA'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT$29,712$485$11,095$41,292
BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL & BAR$14,193$146$25,934$40,273
THE LODGE SPORTS BAR & BILLIARDS$22,748$6$12,371$35,125
SALTGRASS STEAKHOUSE$23,064$4,006$7,361$34,431
CHILI'S GRILL & BAR$23,293$342$8,760$32,395
THE LEVEE$10,835$0$19,928$30,781
THE PAGE PUB & PIZZERIA$11,692$207$18,599$30,498
OLIVE GARDEN OF TEXAS #1332$10,683$12,105$4,077$26,865
THE OIL WELL CLUB$15,240$189$11,034$26,463
POSADOS CAFE - LONGVIEW$18,206$264$6,634$25,104

Yearly Events in Longview, Texas

Longview, Texas is a city that hosts several yearly events that are popular throughout the region. Bourbon & Bowties is a springtime fundraiser for the Longview Child Development Center that offers attendees the chance to sample bourbons, try food from local restaurants, and listen to live music while supporting a good cause.

The Zonta Antique Show in fall is where antique dealers from across the country showcase their wares. With Longview alcohol sales playing a big role in this event, visitors can enjoy a cocktail or beer while browsing the unique antiques.

The Longview PRCA Rodeo, Great Texas Balloon Race, and Gregg County Fair are other popular events that attract visitors from all over. Finally, during the holiday season, Downtown Longview celebrates with the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and the Longview Christmas Parade.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Longview, Texas

Longview offers several popular nightlife areas that cater to a variety of preferences. With recent renovation, the attractive historic center of downtown Longview is now home to a number of bars and restaurants and live music venues.

Fourth Street is known for its lively atmosphere and attracts a younger crowd, while Loop 281 offers a more casual setting for a night out. North Longview caters to a more mature crowd and has several bars and restaurants that offer a quieter atmosphere.

Longview alcohol sales are an important aspect of many of these establishments, and visitors can enjoy a wide range of drinks while taking in the city’s nightlife. Some popular spots include Papacita’s, On The Border, and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

Visitors can anticipate finding a wide range of options for a night out on the town in Longview because alcohol sales make up a large portion of the city’s economy.

Female DJ playing music at a nightclub


Longview is a city full of life and excitement with a vibrant dining and events scene. Alcohol sales have gained popularity recently, and if you’re seeking for the best bars and restaurants, Longview has you covered.

The city is also home to some exciting annual events that attract visitors from all over and when it comes to nightlife, Longview has it all, from a lively atmosphere to a quieter night out. Come experience Longview and enjoy the city’s top-notch nightlife areas and exciting events.