McAllen, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

McAllen is a vibrant city located in the southern part of Texas. With a population of over 143,000 people, McAllen is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas, attracting new residents and businesses alike.

Known for its rich culture, McAllen offers a wide range of dining options, including Tex-Mex cuisine and traditional Mexican food. The city has festivals and events all year long, which boosts the city’s alcohol sales.

In this article, we will take a look at McAllen’s top bars and restaurants, annual events, and popular nightlife areas where locals and tourists can have a good time.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in McAllen by Alcohol Sales (April 2024)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in McAllen, Texas that sold the most alcohol in April 2024. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
TWIN PEAKS$114,616$1,874$177,667$297,736
BUFFALO WINGS & RINGS$101,660$215$113,192$215,067
SUERTE BAR & GRILL UPTOWN, LLC$134,790$0$61,735$196,525
'76 BAR AND KITCHEN$139,580$0$56,012$195,592
HOWLING RABBITS BEER WORKS$102,438$2,389$87,041$191,868
GRAND CENTRAL SQUARE$174,277$0$8,692$182,969
YARD HOUSE #8382$73,996$6,321$90,048$170,365
OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA$57,603$36$111,718$169,357
OAK TEXAS BAR & GRILL - SOUTHTOWN$75,051$2,007$58,491$135,549
EDDY'S TAVERN$59,523$36$60,399$119,958
OAK TEXAS BAR & GRILL$68,658$6,943$44,195$119,796
LA DOBLE M$0$0$112,938$112,938
JAITEL HOSPITALITY$68,628$29,424$5,061$103,113
BOURBON ST ON 10TH$61,279$482$41,014$102,775
SANTA FE STEAKHOUSE, LTD.$50,621$45,009$4,758$100,388
BEARDED LADY UPTOWN, LLC$69,582$0$27,264$96,846
BUBBA'S 33$32,855$475$62,415$95,745
80'S BREWEY AND BISTRO$57,146$103$34,017$91,266
PALENQUE GRILL$59,385$1,258$30,411$91,054
TOLOA ROOFTOP$0$0$0$90,817
UNIVERSITY DRAFTHOUSE MCALLEN$48,676$2,999$37,828$89,503
THE REPUBLIC OF THE RIO GRANDE$60,884$12,786$12,953$86,623
TEXAS ROADHOUSE$31,592$1,881$52,291$85,764
TWENTY FIFTH LANE$32,520$659$48,646$81,825

Yearly Events in McAllen, Texas

McAllen has exciting and unique events throughout the year. The South Pole Illuminated Festival features incredible light displays, festive holiday music, and a variety of food and beverage vendors.

The McAllen Holiday Parade every December which features colorfully lit floats, marching bands, and a joyful festive ambiance is a must-attend event. Another well-known celebration of the rich culture of the Rio Grande Valley, Fiesta de Palmas, features a range of enjoyable activities for people of all ages as well as live music and food sellers.

If you enjoy working out, you shouldn’t miss McAllen’s Marathon in January. Running enthusiasts from all over the world come together for this thrilling event to compete on a picturesque course through the center of the city.

Christmas light display

Popular Nightlife Areas in McAllen, Texas

McAllen’s nightlife areas are sure to impress. One of the most liked spots is the 17th Street Entertainment District which has a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

For something more low-key, check out the downtown area. This part of town has several popular bars and breweries and is known for its charming architecture and vibrant street art.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – McAllen’s alcohol sales are booming, and the city has plenty of other popular nightlife areas. The Ware Road area is home to several popular nightclubs, while the La Plaza Mall area has a wide range of upscale bars and lounges.

So why not grab some friends and explore the city’s many nightlife areas? With so many great bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to have a great time – and contribute to McAllen’s thriving alcohol sales while you’re at it.


McAllen is a lively and exciting city with popular nightlife areas. The 17th Street Entertainment District and downtown McAllen are just a few of the hotspots where visitors can find a variety of bars, breweries, and nightclubs.

In addition to its vibrant nightlife scene, McAllen also hosts annual events that draw large crowds from all over the world helping its alcohol sales increase. Some of the most famous events are the South Pole Illuminated Festival, McAllen Holiday Parade, Fiesta de Palmas, and the McAllen Marathon.

Anyone may enjoy these activities, which add to the lively spirit of the city. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, McAllen is the perfect destination for a fun and memorable trip.