Round Rock, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

In the heart of Texas’s Williamson County lies the vibrant city called Round Rock. As part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area, Round Rock has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with a population of over 124,000.

It’s a well-liked tourist destination, noted for its varied culinary options, energetic nightlife, and range of events. With soaring alcohol sales reflecting a dynamic entertainment scene, the city’s nightlife is particularly impressive.

In this post, we’ll explore some of Round Rock’s top bars and restaurants, nightlife hotspots, and annual events, all waiting to be discovered.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Round Rock by Alcohol Sales (March 2023)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Round Rock, Texas that sold the most alcohol in March 2023. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
KALAHARI RESORT$763,907$127,686$262,643$1,154,236
RYAN SANDERS SPORTS SERVICES, LLC$520,650$20,400$308,192$849,242
WHISKEY CAKE KITCHEN + BAR$192,142$35,967$17,526$245,635
TWIN PEAKS RESTAURANT$88,744$1,671$122,262$212,677
THIRD BASE ROUND ROCK, LLC$112,958$1,181$65,736$179,875
CORK AND BARREL$81,137$22,455$64,266$167,858
LONG BRANCH SALOON$114,802$869$45,160$160,831
JACK ALLEN'S KITCHEN$111,452$19,071$18,982$149,505
CHUY'S ROUND ROCK$128,659$1,200$17,230$147,089
BAR LOUIE$100,268$9,790$31,311$141,369
SALT TRADERS$83,218$34,869$19,123$137,210
LUPE TORTILLA MEXICAN RESTAURANT$103,881$4,088$21,577$129,546
THE BRASS TAP$48,004$5,310$68,742$122,056
RICK'S CABARET$84,161$748$28,132$113,041
ANCHOR BAR$0$0$0$92,262
PLUCKERS WING BAR$40,662$190$50,970$91,822
BESOS COCINA & CANTINA$61,986$230$18,930$81,146
THE ROCK SPORTS BAR$47,643$1,690$27,255$76,588
COVER 3$44,678$8,522$22,269$75,469
SALTGRASS STEAKHOUSE #13$45,490$14,535$15,306$75,331
BJ'S RESTAURANT & BREWHOUSE$38,094$7,268$28,003$73,365
SKINNY BOB'S BILLIARDS$38,262$329$32,448$71,039
SALT LICK AT THE DIAMOND$33,911$2,674$31,126$67,711

Yearly Events in Round Rock, Texas

The city of Round Rock hosts a wide variety of events and festivals all year round. These activities attract tourists from all over and provide opportunities for citizens to engage in the community.

One popular event is Round Rock Market Days, a monthly outdoor market that features local artisans, food vendors, and live music. The Chalk Walk Arts Festival is a family-friendly event where local artists create murals and street art using chalk.

The Frontier Days & Fourth of July Parade is a patriotic event that includes a parade, carnival, live music, and fireworks while Music on Main Street is a weekly summer concert series featuring local musicians and food vendors.

The RRISD Festival of Bands showcases school marching bands with competitions and performances. Lastly, Hometown Holiday is a Christmas-themed event that includes a parade, live music, food vendors, and a tree lighting ceremony.

Colorful chalk drawing on sidewalk: Word ART and pieces of chalk

Popular Nightlife Areas in Round Rock, Texas

Downtown Round Rock is a popular area for locals and visitors alike. It’s home to a variety of restaurants and bars, including wine bars, craft breweries, and sports bars. Live music and events are also held in this area throughout the year, making it a lively and vibrant destination for a night out.

La Frontera Village, another popular area with great restaurants and bars. This area includes chain restaurants and local eateries, as well as bars that offer live music and karaoke.

University Boulevard near Texas State University’s Round Rock campus offers a variety of restaurants and bars catering to college students and young professionals.

A few historical sites can be found along with a number of neighborhood restaurants and taverns on East Main Street. It’s an excellent location for historical exploration while consuming food or beverages.


Round Rock’s alcohol sales have increased in recent years, indicating its popularity as a tourist destination. There are many bars, pubs, and restaurants that offers selection of alcoholic beverages, attracting both locals and tourists.

Every year, Round Rock has a number of events and festivals that appeal to all interests. The city also features a number of well-known nightlife districts to check out, and these districts include a range of eateries, pubs, and live music performances.

Overall, Round Rock, is a great city with diverse range of entertainment options, making it a perfect destination for a night out.