College Station, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

College Station is a bustling city located in Brazos County, with a thriving community of over 120,000 residents.

Home to Texas A&M University, College Station is known for its lively atmosphere, diverse population, and abundance of dining and entertainment options. From local breweries to upscale cocktail bars, College Station has a vibrant alcohol culture that adds to the city’s overall charm and appeal.

In this article, we will explore the top bars and restaurants in College Station, as well as the most awaited annual events and most popular nightlife areas.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in College Station by Alcohol Sales (September 2023)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in College Station, Texas that sold the most alcohol in September 2023. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
LEVY RESTAURANTS AT TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY$438,653$111,508$647,416$1,197,577
CHIMY'S COLLEGE STATION$241,331$0$76,350$317,681
THE GOOD BULL ICEHOUSE$270,131$120$30,232$300,483
DIXIE CHICKEN$49,057$1,049$167,976$218,082
SHINER PARK$149,165$0$59,547$211,052
THE REPUBLIC$99,003$83,295$6,628$188,926
TEXAS A&M HOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTER$106,093$36,260$40,512$182,865
THE SPOT ON NORTHGATE$130,538$0$42,116$172,654
GRINGO'S MEXICAN KITCHEN NO. 12, LLC$125,878$2,660$25,691$154,229
THE CORNER$100,192$151$35,364$151,252
PORTERS DINING & BUTCHER$49,888$78,288$6,373$134,549
LOGIE'S ON CAMPUS$92,201$81$36,165$128,447
REBEL DRAFT HOUSE$58,842$159$66,785$125,786
O'BANNON'S TAPHOUSE$57,305$0$62,562$119,867
COMMANDER'S COVE$106,875$20$10,256$117,151
CHUY'S COLLEGE STATION$97,273$2,090$12,770$112,133
WALK-ON'S BISTREAUX & BAR$46,976$5,668$58,252$110,896
VALENCIA ORANGES VII, LLC (COURT)$75,154$8,189$24,475$107,818
THE ANGRY ELEPHANT$62,366$2,114$40,165$104,645
HURRICANE HARRY'S$59,322$379$44,097$103,798
HILTON COLLEGE STATION$26,978$4,672$19,688$102,676
TEXAS ROADHOUSE$51,521$3,333$46,933$101,787
1860 ITALIA$31,185$61,323$4,571$97,079
VALENCIA ORANGES VII, LLC (GEORGE)$71,340$10,508$9,185$91,033

Yearly Events in College Station, Texas

Aggie Muster is a solemn tradition that takes place in April to remember and honor Texas A&M University alumni who passed away in the previous year. Following the ceremony, a lively celebration takes place, featuring food, drinks, and live music.

The Starlight Music Series features free outdoor concerts throughout the summer at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater. Visitors can enjoy a selection of alcoholic beverages from the concession stands while taking in the live music and beautiful surroundings.

The Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival is an annual event held in September that celebrates Texas food, wine, and live music. Visitors can sample award-winning wines and enjoy steak dinners from local restaurants.

Santa’s Wonderland is a winter wonderland that takes place from November through December. Visitors can enjoy hot cocoa and other festive drinks, including alcoholic options while taking in Christmas lights.

Overall, College Station’s events contribute significantly to the local economy, with alcohol sales playing a crucial role in their success.

Winter forest with colorful snowflakes. Snow covered trees with christmas lights. Christmas wonderland background. Beautiful New Year illumination in park.

Popular Nightlife Areas in College Station, Texas

College Station has several popular areas where locals and visitors go to enjoy the nightlife. Northgate which is located near Texas A&M University is the most well-known area, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to students and locals alike. Century Square, a mixed-use development, is another popular destination featuring several bars and restaurants.

Wolf Pen Creek, a picturesque park with an amphitheater and a number of eateries and pubs, is located in the center of College Station. While not being as well known as the other sections, South College Station offers a thriving nightlife with a number of well-liked bars and eateries.

Overall, College Station’s nightlife scene is diverse and lively, offering something for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for a college bar or an upscale dining experience, you’re sure to find it in one of these popular nightlife areas.

Group of people in a night venue,, drinking and chatting


College Station, a bustling city with a thriving community of over 120,000 residents. Home to Texas A&M University, College Station offers a diverse range of dining and entertainment options, including top bars and restaurants, annual events, and popular nightlife areas.

From solemn traditions to lively celebrations, visitors can experience it all, while sipping on some delicious alcoholic beverages. So, whether you’re a resident or visitor, hold onto your hats and get ready for a thrilling adventure in College Station!