Beaumont, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

Beaumont, situated in the southeastern region of the state, has a population of around 112,000 individuals. It is renowned for its vibrant history, assorted culture, and prosperous economy and this has made it a favored spot for tourists and residents alike.

Recently, there has been a rise in alcohol sales in Beaumont, indicating a robust market for the beverage industry. The city’s welcoming business environment, coupled with the escalating fame of craft beers, wines, and spirits, has contributed to this development.

This article will showcase the best bars and restaurants, events, and nightlife venues in Beaumont, highlighting the exclusive and exceptional experiences that these establishments offer their clientele.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Beaumont by Alcohol Sales (September 2023)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Beaumont, Texas that sold the most alcohol in September 2023. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
THE PARK ON CALDER$254,234$5,401$11,386$272,951
LITTLE WOODROW'S$145,185$1,921$89,933$237,039
TWIN PEAKS$70,488$1,639$114,221$189,808
RED'S ICEHOUSE$48,176$132$87,493$135,801
PAPPADEAUX SEAFOOD ITCHEN$94,043$16,392$12,803$123,238
MODELOS SPORTS CANTINA$47,749$283$62,793$110,825
POUR 09$65,366$3,974$14,722$84,062
BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL AND BAR$27,932$523$54,860$83,315
FORD ARENA$0$0$82,556$82,556
J WILSON'S PATIO$50,016$19,676$10,283$79,975
TEXAS ROADHOUSE$44,925$3,284$27,456$75,665
TIA JUANITA'S FISH CAMP$59,660$1,320$10,478$71,458
EL VIEJO TONY BAR & GRILL$54,702$606$12,336$67,644
LA CANTINA MEXICAN RESTAURANT$51,013$287$10,445$61,745
FAST EDDIE'S$38,539$174$22,931$61,644
PINETREE LODGE$30,414$1,754$28,958$61,126
MADISON'S ON DOWLEN$36,599$1,167$22,765$60,531
CARRABBA'S ITALIAN GRILL$19,870$36,205$3,833$59,908
FLOYD'S CAJUN SEAFOOD & TEXAS STEAKHOUSE$27,276$5,238$13,305$45,819
5U GOLF CENTER LLC$19,101$3,725$21,988$44,814
MARDI GRAS LOUNGE$0$0$0$44,775

Yearly Events in Beaumont, Texas

Many annual activities in Beaumont draw visitors. The South Texas State Fair, is among the most well-liked occasions. The fair offers a selection of rides, amusements, live entertainment, and food stands as well as rodeo, cattle competitions, and auctions.

Another event that is liked by visitors is the Beaumont Farmers Market. It takes place every Saturday from February to December and offers a wide variety of locally grown produce, artisanal products, and live music.

If you love music, the Beaumont Jazz & Blues Fest shouldn’t be missed in fall. The festival features local and national jazz and blues musicians, food, art, and drinks.

The Neches River Rally is another popular event. The rally includes a variety of water activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, as well as live music, food, and alcohol sales from local vendors.

Finally, the Fourth of July celebration at Riverfront Park features live music, food vendors, and a spectacular fireworks display.

Beaumont is a city in and the county seat of Jefferson County, Texas, in the United States

Popular Nightlife Areas in Beaumont, Texas

Crockett Street is a liked nightlife area in Beaumont. The area has bars, clubs, and restaurants and is known for its lively atmosphere, with establishments offering live music and entertainment.

Another popular nightlife area is the downtown district in Beaumont which has trendy bars and restaurants that young professionals love.

Now for a more laid-back atmosphere, the West End area is a great choice which is home to casual bars and restaurants. It is also known for its outdoor patios and gardens, making it a great place to relax and socialize on a warm evening.

Overall, Beaumont’s alcohol sales are a significant contributor to the city’s nightlife scene. Many establishments offer a wide range of drinks and cocktails, with local and regional beers and spirits being particularly popular.

Beaumont is a city in and the county seat of Jefferson County, Texas in the United States, within the Beaumont–Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area.


The city Beaumont quickly became a go-to destination for alcohol enthusiasts. The booming alcohol sales in the city reflect the growing interest in craft beers, wine, and spirits, and the welcoming environment for businesses in the alcohol industry.

Tourists or visitors can try any of the bars and restaurants, well liked yearly events, and nightlife areas in Beaumont. Whether you’re looking for lively music, entertainment, or laid-back atmosphere, Beaumont has everything to offer to enjoy a great night out.