Abilene, Texas Alcohol Sales Data

Abilene, located in Taylor and Jones Counties in Texas is a city with a rich history and diverse culture. With a population of approximately 125,000, the city is known for its booming economy and rapid growth.

Abilene’s diverse dining scene and vibrant events have earned a reputation for attracting foodies and entertainment enthusiasts from far and wide. In fact, recent data on Abilene’s alcohol sales shows a promising increase, highlighting the city’s growing appeal as a destination for food, drinks, and entertainment.

In this article, we will explore the top bars and restaurants in Abilene, as well as the most liked annual events and nightlife areas.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Abilene by Alcohol Sales (March 2024)

The following is a table showing the bars & restaurants in Abilene, Texas that sold the most alcohol in March 2024. This data lags behind by a month or two but is automatically updated each month when we get the fresh data.

Establishment NameLiquor ReceiptsWine ReceiptsBeer ReceiptsTotal Receipts
THE BLU BARREL BAR & GRILL$65,751$0$46,307$112,058
MIGUEL'S MEX TEX CAFE$89,186$1,159$18,779$109,124
BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL AND BAR$32,061$679$63,112$95,852
ABUELO'S BEVERAGE CORPORATION$62,600$4,726$23,428$90,754
FUZZY'S TACO SHOP - ABILENE NORTH$61,286$263$28,303$89,852
BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL & BAR$28,932$1,010$57,990$87,932
TEXAS ROADHOUSE$43,561$1,347$37,466$82,374
CORK & PIG TAVERN$43,677$18,704$13,650$76,031
TAYLOR COUNTY TAPHOUSE$38,779$7,459$28,181$74,419
FUZZY'S TACO SHOP$43,477$325$24,786$68,588
BREAKERS SPORTS BAR$37,355$19$27,861$65,235
ABILENE BEEHIVE INC$46,999$8,220$5,436$60,655
MULLIGANS SPORTS BAR & GRILL$23,929$69$33,595$57,593
KAO LOUNGE$42,322$219$13,238$55,779
GUITARS & CADILLACS$39,411$0$16,014$55,425
BLU BARREL BAR & GRILL, LLC$25,846$0$20,456$46,302
THE LAST STOP$23,499$0$19,584$43,083
MC SPORTS BAR AND TAQUERIA$18,607$0$23,990$42,597
ABILENE COUNTRY CLUB$21,938$12,243$7,022$41,203
THE LOCAL$31,328$2,137$5,879$39,344
THE POUR HOUSE$35,557$609$2,260$38,426
CHILIS GRILL & BAR$22,969$734$14,294$37,997

Yearly Events in Abilene, Texas

The Taylor County Expo Center hosts the well-liked annual West Texas Fair & Rodeo in Abilene. It has a range of entertainment, including rodeo performances, concerts, livestock shows, and carnival rides. Also, there are food sellers and beer gardens during the fair, increasing the city’s alcohol sales.

Children’s book authors and artists are recognized at the Children’s Art & Literacy Festival in June for their efforts. Seminars, book signings, and displays are all part of the festival’s promotion of reading and creativity.

In summer, lectures, plays, and demonstrations on a range of subjects are presented as part of the free Chautauqua Learning Series. The activities are held in a variety of Abilene places, including museums, parks, and libraries.

The city of Abilene experiences economic growth thanks to festivals and other events that increase alcohol sales. These activities also reflect the city’s culture and sense of community, elevating Abilene as a desirable location for both living in and visiting.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Abilene, Texas

Downtown Abilene is a popular area that has bars, pubs, and restaurants which is an ideal destination for those who want to experience a variety of venues in one night. Similarly, South 14th Street boasts a number of bars and restaurants.

Both Downtown Abilene and South 14th Street contributed to the overall increase in Abilene’s alcohol sales which reflects the city’s growing food and entertainment scene.

Despite Abilene’s small size, its nightlife attracts foodies and entertainment enthusiasts. So, whether you’re looking for a quiet night out or a lively experience, Abilene’s nightlife has something for everyone.


Texas’s Abilene is a growing tourist destination for eats, drinks, and entertainment thanks to its thriving economy. Abilene is becoming more and more popular, as seen by recent data on alcohol sales, with locals and visitors alike frequenting the city’s best bars and restaurants.

Throughout the year, Abilene hosts festivals and events, such as the West Texas Fair & Rodeo and the Outlaws & Legends Music Fest, that attract tourists and boost the city’s economy while highlighting its culture and community.

Abilene offers a variety of options for a fun night out, with Downtown Abilene and South 14th Street being popular areas for bars, pubs, and restaurants that have contributed to the overall increase in Abilene’s alcohol sales.