Arlington Alcohol Sales

Located right between the two huge cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is a small city that has grown into its own as one of the most bustling nightlife areas in northern Texas.

Beer sales in Arlington are plentiful and have garnered plenty of success for bars and restaurants that have chosen to set up shop in the area. You will see locals from the Dallas and Fort Worth areas as well as the growing population of Arlington natives as well.

For this post, you will find a table that shows the most successful bars and restaurants in Arlington as well as some of the more popular areas of this city and annual events that are exclusive to Arlington.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Arlington, TX by Alcohol Sales (August 2021)

Establishment Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
TEXAS RANGER BALLPARK $2,732,903 $1,408,990 $0 $1,323,913
METROPLEX SPORTSERVICE, INC. $2,358,562 $2,358,562 $0 $0
BACKYARD C/O TEXAS LIVE! $1,588,859 $705,374 $16,005 $781,078
AT&T STADIUM $771,151 $353,495 $39,681 $377,975
OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA $305,871 $139,863 $10 $165,998
LIVE! BY LOEWS $194,199 $111,550 $28,503 $54,146
BAR LOUIE $193,797 $162,691 $4,491 $26,615
NO FRILLS GRILL $165,886 $88,425 $1,318 $76,143
PAPPADEAUX SEAFOOD KITCHEN $159,217 $121,965 $18,934 $18,318
GLORIAS RESTAURANT $148,179 $132,934 $9,381 $5,864
PAPPASITO’S CANTINA $142,789 $117,820 $3,109 $21,860
THE TIPSY OAK $138,582 $74,299 $14,917 $49,366
PLUCKERS WING BAR $136,284 $82,122 $141 $54,021
BOOMERJACK’S HIGHLANDS, LLC $133,662 $106,622 $1,500 $25,540
SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS $121,134 $0 $0 $121,134
THE SOCIAL HOUSE $120,347 $69,112 $29,140 $22,095
LAZY DOG RESTAURANT $102,142 $55,739 $16,152 $30,251
J. GILLIGAN’S BAR & GRILL, INC. $99,949 $53,426 $1,060 $45,463
BJ’S RESTAURANT & BREWHOUSE $97,932 $56,247 $8,302 $33,383
HOOTERS $96,479 $34,073 $878 $61,528
MCCULLAR’S IRISH PUB & GRILL $95,977 $68,815 $979 $26,183
BFF ASIAN GRILL & SPORTS BAR $92,879 $57,280 $5,307 $30,292
EL ARROYO $87,874 $61,536 $2,764 $23,574

Arlington’s average household income is $76,300 with the median house value at around $157,600. Median rental costs are also right below $1000 per month, so the cost of living is relatively high, but not too out of hand.The population of Arlington is growing at 0.58% annually and the total population comes in at just above 400,000 people. There are mostly females in this city as well with there being only 96.8 males to every 100 females.Arlington is a seller’s market in terms of real estate right now and the job market has increased by a solid 2.7% in this city as well with the top employer being Texas Health Resources.Arlington is the 7th largest city in Texas and comes up in the top 50 largest cities in the United States despite its small size. Its city limits only constitute about 99 miles and as a result, the population density is roughly 4,200 people per square mile.Arlington in a NutshellThis table that is displayed below shows the top 25 bars and restaurants in Arlington based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Arlington

Arlington does not have the highest population however, many people from the surrounding cities will find themselves heading to get a break from the large crowds at other bars and restaurants. Below are a few popular options for those looking to beat the scene in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Arlington Entertainment District

The Entertainment District has the most popular attractions the Arlington has to offer including places like 6 Flags and the Dallas Cowboys new stadium. This is the area where you will find most of the tourists and those looking to explore the city and all its nightlife possibilities.


Arlington’s southeast district is known for its sports bars and great food. For those that are looking for a place that is big into Dallas sports and cheap drinks, this is the place to be. It is relatively small but the nightlife really shines on the weekends and during big sporting events.

Yearly Events

Six Flags Holiday in the Park

Arlington’s Six Flags is one of the main attractions people from all over come to visit. During the holidays, the park lights up with Christmas decorations, and all kinds of people will come during the early evening hours and spill out into the surrounding areas once the festivities are over.

The Big 12 Championship

The top 2 teams of The Big 12 college football conference face off in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, for the biggest game of the season for those in this division.

Football fans come from all over the midwest to fill the stadium with over 100,000 fans. It is easily one of the biggest sporting events in Texas and it brings in a huge crowd of people that are looking for drinks and bars to watch the game.


Arlington may not be the biggest or fastest-growing city in Texas, but it is right in the middle of two huge cities and it has made a name for itself as a great place to find bars and restaurants away from the crowded streets of Dallas and Fort Worth.

There are a ton of attractions that bring in sports fans, thrill-seekers, and food and drink enthusiasts alike. Just looking at the liquor sales in this city is all you need to see to know there is success to be had in Arlington in the bar and restaurant industry.