Located not very far to the west of Dallas in northern Texas, Fort Worth is almost considered to be a part of its neighboring city. However, it is certainly its own beast but shares a very similar busy nightlife to Dallas.

Liquor sales in Fort Worth are nothing to look past and have made many bars and restaurants very successful. You can hit just about any demographic in this diverse city and just about any location in its city limits is a good one.

If you continue reading, you will find a table that displays the most successful bars and restaurants in Fort Worth as well as the most bustling areas in this city and annual events that are exclusive to this great city in Texas.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Fort Worth, TX by Alcohol Sales (October 2021)

The table you see below shows the top 25 bars and restaurants in Fort Worth based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Establishment Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
BILLY BOB’S TEXAS $874,311 $476,203 $3,636 $394,472
JOE T GARCIA’S MEXICAN DISHES $648,082 $576,749 $9,828 $61,505
HOTEL DROVER $549,267 $252,343 $152,254 $144,670
EL CHINGON $548,659 $446,868 $10,086 $91,705
OMNI FT WORTH HOTEL $525,276 $288,489 $133,191 $60,688
DICKIES ARENA $494,374 $184,282 $69,744 $240,348
VARSITY TAVERN $464,594 $389,784 $9 $74,801
BUCKS CABARET $377,953 $269,032 $35,995 $72,926
DEL FRISCO’S DOUBLE EAGLE STEAK HOUSE $361,094 $136,144 $212,278 $12,672
BOOMERJACK’S GRILL & BAR $330,951 $173,288 $3,967 $153,696
BOOMERJACK’S GRILL AND BAR #23 $284,824 $124,847 $4,121 $155,856
TWIN PEAKS $271,834 $118,501 $2,183 $151,150
REATA RESTAURANT $271,560 $162,729 $85,620 $23,211
WISHBONE & FLYNT $269,468 $142,814 $39,722 $86,932
PREMIER HOSPITALITY, INC. $261,658 $209,821 $13,722 $38,115
HOSPITALITY INTERNATIONAL INC $247,497 $151,580 $60,998 $34,919
COBURN CATERING SERVICE INC $240,192 $109,130 $64,480 $66,582
FLIPS PATIO GRILL $238,253 $137,794 $4,314 $96,145
BOOMERJACK’S GRILL & BAR $235,037 $124,219 $3,997 $106,821
ESCAPADE 2001 $229,478 $76,932 $0 $152,546
WICKED BUTCHER $216,839 $112,528 $91,969 $12,342
RIVER CREST COUNTRY CLUB $202,806 $106,842 $80,153 $15,811
WHITE ELEPHANT SALOON $202,709 $120,406 $1,442 $80,861
PETE’S DUELING PIANO BAR $201,489 $149,028 $1,899 $50,562

The Stockyard District is located in the northern parts of Fort Worth and is considered to be the historical district of this city. This section of the city truly embodies the western heritage of Texas and you will find all kinds of saloon-style bars that have that longhorn feeling as soon as you walk in.Stockyard DistrictBrightly lit signs are all over the streets of this area of Fort Worth that many young people come from all around the neighboring areas to enjoy a night on the town in Sundance Square. This section of Fort Worth is a downtown district packed with clothing shops, sports bars, and steakhouses. Popular bars in restaurants in this area could be anything from music venues, to dive bars and even specialized theme bars. Sundance SquareFort Worth has all kinds of bars and restaurants that see a lot of spillover from the dense city of Dallas. Many people take the trip into this area to visit some of the hot areas of Fort Worth listed below. Popular Nightlife Areas in Fort WorthFort Worth’s average household income is $79,480 and this city has seen job growth of 2.7% over the past year. Also, the population in Fort Worth is predominantly female, with a reported 95.9 males per every 100 females. This city’s population is growing at 2.03% annually with its total population coming in at above 900,000 people. Its population has boomed substantially over recent years and was the fastest growing city in terms of the population from 2000-2013. The Fort Worth real estate market has certainly been up to as of recently and the median list price of homes was $265,000 in October 2020, which is going up 6.4% year-over-year. Fort Worth in a Nutshell

Yearly Events in Fort Worth

National Day of the American Cowboy

Located in the Stockyard district on July 25th Fort Worth celebrates the American cowboy. There are all kinds of events that are perfect for “yeehaw at” including cow milking, a fiddle competition, and quick draw contests.

Race Week at Texas Motor Speedway

One of the biggest races on the NASCAR circuit, race week is usually held in mid-July and is an event many Texans look forward to every year.

The top competing drivers make their way to this Fort Worth racetrack to try and take home the checkered flag in front of over 100,000 fans. This week is among the busiest drinking weeks for bars and restaurants in the area as there will be no shortage of NASCAR fans looking to enjoy the festivities.


While it sometimes can get overshadowed by its large neighbor, Dallas, Fort Worth has grown as its own city and is in all respects one of the fastest-growing places in the entire nation.

If you are looking to build a business in the food and beverage industry, this city is a very lucrative place to do it. With surrounding cities that are already expanding, Fort Worth has seen all kinds of growth from those looking for a less crowded place to enjoy the nightlife.

The people of Fort Worth love the country-western Texas style, so for those that love the cowboy aesthetic that many people move to Texas to immerse themselves in, this is absolutely the place to cash in on that.