Austin Alcohol Sales

The capital city of Texas is located right in the middle of the huge state and is home to a diverse and bustling nightlife that has persisted for many years.

Beer sales in Austin have made this city a great place for bars and restaurants to thrive. Whether it is for the younger crowd heading to the clubs to dance or the older folks looking for a spot to drink in peace, you can find success in Austin.

For this article, there will be a table showing the most successful bars and restaurants in Austin as well as some hot areas of the city and annual events that people from all over flock to.

Top 25 Bars & Restaurants in Austin by Alcohol Sales (January 2023)

You will find the table below that displays the top 25 bars and restaurants in Austin based on their individual alcohol sales. The data in this table is for total beer, wine, and liquor sales, and will be updated every month.

Name Total Receipts Liquor Wine Beer
WLS BEVERAGE CO $1,202,304 $729,984 $317,217 $155,103
OMNI BARTON CREEK RESORT & SPA $607,798 $355,502 $183,810 $68,486
PROPER HOTEL $581,358 $428,646 $131,919 $20,793
MATT’S EL RANCHO, INC. $565,732 $528,013 $3,661 $34,058
WLS BEVERAGE COMPANY $545,745 $381,238 $97,417 $67,090
UNBARLIEVABLE $513,668 $427,119 $2,584 $83,965
ROSE ROOM/ 77 DEGREES $507,742 $440,529 $9,418 $57,795
MOODY CENTER AT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS $467,923 $198,657 $34,480 $234,786
BUFORD’S $440,301 $325,055 $1,258 $113,988
OJOS LOCOS SPORTS CANTINA $427,004 $148,651 $144 $278,209
ABA AUSTIN $418,703 $294,231 $106,215 $18,257
SALC. INC.(HILTON HOTEL) $389,148 $153,716 $52,893 $77,777
WONDER BAR $384,649 $343,993 $480 $40,176
DH BEVERAGE LLC $370,628 $286,472 $44,860 $34,989
JEFFREY’S RESTAURANT & BAR/JOSEPHINE HOUSE $361,832 $105,084 $253,897 $2,851
WHISLER’S $354,112 $335,824 $3,411 $14,877
CENTRAL MACHINE $340,571 $164,188 $14,867 $161,516
TOP GOLF $338,967 $173,851 $21,201 $143,915
THE DOGWOOD DOMAIN $337,137 $251,684 $13,230 $72,223
PERRY’S STEAKHOUSE & GRILLE $336,850 $143,637 $185,317 $7,896
KUNG FU SALOON $335,423 $291,192 $2,070 $42,161
ALOFT/ELEMENT AUSTIN DT $333,346 $250,160 $39,187 $43,999
RAIN ON 4TH $324,204 $278,030 $1,278 $44,896
SAN JACINTO BEVERAGE COMPANY LLC $308,531 $157,935 $134,458 $16,138




SXSWYearly Events in Austin, TXOne of southern Austin’s busiest stretches is South Lamar. Home to attractions like Zilker Park, this section of Austin has almost too many options to choose from in terms of food and drink. It is a great spot for the daytime and the nighttime for people looking for places to grab a good bite.South LamarEast sixth (also known as Dirty Sixth) has boomed tremendously in recent years and is home to all kinds of new places that even the locals are coming in and checking out for the first time. This place is competitive but is a perfect place to start a new business amongst all the other new places looking to make a name for themselves.East Sixth StreetWhether you are looking to shop, eat, drink, or just walk around and enjoy the sights there is a place downtown that is no more than a quick taxi ride away.Located in the heart of the city, downtown Austin has not too many parking spots but makes up for it with a plethora of places to enjoy a late-night under the city lights.DowntownAustin is known for its busy nightlife spots and has plenty of bars and restaurants that attract tourists and locals on a nightly basis alike. Here are a few areas that many people visit to find some good drinks and fun times in this fast-paced Texas city.Popular Nightlife Areas in AustinThis city’s average household income is $97,331 but the cost of living is relatively high with median rental costs at $1,225 a month. It is a wealthy city and has an economic growth rate of around 6%. Austin’s population continues to grow at 1.23% annually and its total population is a little under one million people but will eclipse the one million mark very soon. Austin is the fastest-growing city in the U.S. right now. The Austin real estate market declined at first due to the COVID-19 pandemic much as many others did. However, the selling season of the summer lasted into autumn and home sales have continued to grow. Austin is the 4th largest city in Texas behind only Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas respectively. Despite this, it is still the 11th largest city in the entire United States.Austin in a Nutshell

SXSW, or south by southwest, is a music and film festival that attracts creatives from all over the world to see some of the greatest bands and filmmakers alike. The event takes place around mid-March and is one of the most popular music events in America. Many of the bars and restaurants in the city rely on the income from SXSW to get them through the rest of the year.

UT Graduation

Austin is home to the University of Texas and their graduation is one of the busiest times of the year for bars and restaurants. Taking place in late May, students and parents flood the city to find some drinks and food for a nearly week-long celebration for the new graduating class.


Austin is, as of right now, the fastest-growing city in the nation. With more and more people coming into this city it makes this a perfect place to stake a claim for a business and become a part of the expanding nightlife of this bustling city.

It is home to many students, post-grads, and even retirees that all look for fine places to enjoy during their time off. So whether you are looking for a more intimate or fast-paced theme for your bar or restaurant, Austin is a great location to find great success.